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Simple, adaptable, and sustainable - Grid Kit is a modular construction system for furniture and more. Prototype and build creations that fit your world.

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Grid Kit is an awesome way to make furniture fit around your life. Want to expand your family? Just add more beams! The kits are super fun, versatile and easy to use ❤️


Building this way is so fun. Given that it's modular, if you wanted something lower, you can just saw the legs down. With a traditional bed I would probably never do that. EMPOWERING.


Grid Kit is like Ikea, but if you could refactor your furniture once you tire of their existing configuration.


Perfect for creators, inventors, and other innovative folk who want to quickly bring their ideas to life. Grid Kit provides the essential building blocks for custom furniture, temporary structures, and more. Highly versatile and designed for reuse, Grid Kit can adapt to match evolving designs and lifestyles.

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How does it work?

The Grid Kit system uses modular components that all fit to a 40mm grid. Connect grid beams and panels together to form unique creations. Using our fasteners, you only need a hex key to start assembling (or disassembling) with Grid Kit. Cut beams to any desired length using just a hand saw.

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A future without waste

Grid Kit is a step towards a waste-free future where items we use in daily life can be easily repurposed, instead of ending up in a landfill. The world needs more sustainable building materials, so our grid beams are made of untreated New Zealand grown Douglas fir wood, chosen not only for their strength, but also so they can safely biodegrade. In addition, our fasteners are uncoated, reusable, and marked for recycling.

Forest of douglas fir trees

A place to share ideas

Grid Kit is a small part of a wider vision for a more sustainable, creative, solarpunk future. So we're fostering a community space where you can showcase your creations, discuss learnings from the past, and present ideas for the future.

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A temporary camp kitchen constructed with grid beam

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Our dream is to make Grid Kit available to everybody anywhere, but we can't do it alone. In the coming years we'll be on the lookout for people around the world to start producing Grid Kit with us. If this sounds like you, please get in touch!

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